color the world orange 2017

                                   November 6, 2017

The fourth-annual Color The World Orange™ on November 6, 2017 was the best yet!

More than 100 buildings, bridges and landmarks in six countries, including five billboards in Times Square in New York and Niagara Falls were lit orange for Color The World Orange™ for CRPS/RSD Awareness. The full list of lightings below.

There were 76 proclamations granted in the US and Canada recognizing Color The World Orange™ and CRPS/RSD Awareness.

There were multiple news articles and TV news clips about the fourth-annual Color The World Orange™!

Supporters raised more than $3,000 for the national non-profit RSDSA to be used for research.

Around the world supporters wore orange, tweeting and posting pictures to Instagram with the hashtag: #CRPSORANGEDAY and holding events to spread awareness.

All of these events were made possible due to the hard work of our wonderful supporters!

buildings, bridges and landmarks lit orange for color the world orange™ 2017

united states:


  • the RSA building in Mobile, Alabama

  • the rsa building in montgomery, alabama


  • the pricewaterhousecoopers building in san jose, california

  • pylons at los angeles airport (LAX) in los angeles, california

  • Montgomery Theater in san jose, california

  • national civic theater in san jose, california

  • san jose international airport in san jose, california


  • the antlers hotel in colorado springs, colorado


  • Coca-cola orlando eye in orlando, florida

  • lake eola fountain in orlando, florida

  • amway center spire in orlando, florida

  • orlando sign in orlando, florida

  • tower of light sculpture in orlando, florida

  • Astrogenesis II sculpture in orlando, florida

  • take flight sculpture in orlando, florida

  • cedar of lebanon sculpture in orlando, florida

  • global convergence sculpture in orlando, florida


  • IBM Building in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii


  • Prudential Plaza in chicago, illinois

  • boma/chicago buildings in chicago, illinois


  • Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) in Indianapolis, Indiana


  • mercedes-benz superdome in new orleans, louisiana


  • Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts

  • boston harbor hotel in boston, massachusetts

  • boston city hall in boston, massachusetts

  • government center station in boston, massachusetts

  • Burns Bridge in worcester, massachusetts


  • warren, michigan city square in warren, michigan


  • france avenue in edina, minnesota

  • hennepin county lowry avenue bridge in minneapolis, minnesota


  • the james s. mcdonnell planetarium at the saint louis science center

  • the Kansas City Power & Light Building in Kansas City, Missouri


  • the woodmenlife tower in omaha, nebraska


  • las vegas city hall in las vegas, nevada

  • meet las vegas in las vegas, nevada

new york:

  • rochester city hall steps in rochester, new york

  • the niagara falls illumination board lit niagara falls orange

  • the peace bridge that crosses the niagara river connecting buffalo, new york and fort erie, ontario canada

  • the Kosciuszko Bridge in New York

  • times square billboards in new york, new york

  • mid hudson bridge lights in new york

north carolina:

  • wells fargo's duke energy center in charlotte, north carolina


  • terminal tower in cleveland, ohio

  • five rivers fountain of lights in dayton, ohio

  • riverscape towers in dayton, ohio


  • crystal bridge at myriad gardens in oklahoma city, oklahoma

  • skydance bridge in oklahoma city, oklahoma


  • pennsylvania convention center in philadelphia, pennsylvania

  • one liberty place in philadelphia, pennsylvania

  • pennsylvania state capitol building in harrisburg, pennsylvania

  • peco crown lights in Philadelphia, pennyslvania will be lit orange and display the message: "Color The World Orange for CRPS Awareness"

  • bradford era in bradford, PENNSYLVANIA

  • the dome of the westmoreland county court house

south dakota:

  • crazy horse memorial in custer, south dakota


  • bank of america plaza in dallas, texas


  • su statue at shenandoah university in virginia

  • piedmont physical therapy in manassas, virginia


  • seattle center armory wall in seattle, washington

  • seattle's great wheel in seattle, washington

  • seattle tunnel project in seattle, washington



  • high level bridge in edmonton, canada

  • the peace bridge that crosses the niagara river connecting buffalo, new york and fort erie, ontario canada

  • the niagara falls illumination board lit niagara falls orange

  • Calgary Tower in calgary, canada

  • reconciliation bridge, formerly known as the langevin bridge, in calgary canada

  • cn tower in toronto, canada

  • bc place in vancouver, Canada

  • Bastion Monument in nanaimo bc, canada



  • trafalgar square fountains in london, united kingdom

  • emirates spinnaker tower in portsmouth, united kingdom

  • fresh direct arena in leeds, united kingdom

  • swindon central library in swindon, united kingdom

  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, United Kingdom

  • Manchester Town Hall in manchester, united kingdom

  • blackpool tower in blackpool, united kingdom


  • The Kelpies, scotland

isle of man:

  • The Tower of REfuge in the isle of man

  • the ramsey swing bridge in the isle of man

  • manx utilities Pulrose Power Station

  • 3fm isle of man building


  • the big merino, rambo, in Goulburn, NSW Australia

  • the goulburn courthouse in goulburn, nsw australia

  • the goulburn soldiers club in goulburn, nsw australia

  • wendy's milk bar in goulburn, nsw australia

  • the goulburn visitor information centre in goulburn, australia

  • adelaide oval in adelaide australia

  • Torrens Footbridge in Adelaide, Australia

  • Riverbank Precinct in Adelaide, Australia

  • the rundle lantern in adelaide, australia

  • hobart railway roundabout in tasmania, australia

  • Brisbane City Hall in brisbane, australia

  • story bridge in brisbane, australia

  • treasury casino & hotel in brisbane, australia

  • sandgate city hall in brisbane, australia

  • king george square in brisbane, australia

  • victoria bridge in brisbane, australia

  • the bell tower in perth, australia

  • the elizabeth quay in perth, australia

  • aami park in melbourne, australia

  • franklin square fountain in hobart, australia

  • kennedy lane in hobart, australia

  • skypoint in queensland, australia

  • elizabeth mall in hobart, australia

  • The Outer Circulating Road Bridge in Toowoomba, Queensland australia

  • adelaide Convention Centre in Adelaide, South Australia

  • melbourne town hall in victoria, australia

  • Ipswich Civic Center in Ipswich, Australia

  • studio 188 in ipswich, australia

  • telstra tower in Canberra, Australia

  • Parliament House in Western Australia


color the world orange 2017 sign

colour the world orange 2017 sign

color the world orange 2017 pamphlet

color the world orange 2017 location sign

colour the world orange 2017 location sign

#crpsorangeday location sign


photos from around the world of color the world orange™ 2017

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  All photos used with permission

responses to color the world orange™ 2017


Thank you so much for bringing awareness to CRPS. I started tearing up when I saw [the IPL building] lit orange, because it means so much to me and everyone else who goes through this. It means there is hope that the word will be spread more each year!
— Meghan in Indiana
I feel that finally we are being heard!
— Lori from California about the Color The World Orange™ billboards in Times Square in New York
Thank you for all that the organization does to promote and bring awareness to the world. I was recently introduced to this syndrome after being diagnosed and the information provided by the Facebook page and website have helped me to understand that even though I was diagnosed early I can still be affected and help to change things.
— Sarah in Louisiana
Color The World Orange™ means so much to me. When I was diagnosed with CRPS, I had no idea what CRPS was. I felt so alone and helpless. I was in for the fight of my life and had many amazing health care professionals helping me along the way but I still felt alone. Color The World Orange™ provides me with so much hope and it is wonderful to see the thousands of people participating in this event around the world. I don’t feel alone anymore and I know that there are so many people out there supporting me, and everyone else that suffers from CRPS. Color The World Orange™ has helped me connect with other people with CRPS in my city and this has created a great support system. I can’t thank those involved with the Color The World Orange™ initiative enough for the support, hope, and awareness for CRPS. Thank You!
— Krista in Canada

                                                                                                                                                                                                             All comments used with permission